Jimi Blue’s ex-husband has no contact with his daughter

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Yeliz Koc takes part in the 11th season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. On the third day, the influencer talks about her relationship with the father of her child, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht.

+++ Updated November 20, 2023 +++

Yeliz: Jimi Blue doesn’t want to know anything about his daughter

In an interview with Matthias Mangiapane and Dilara Kruse, Yeliz Koc talks about her current relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. Therefore, there is no longer contact with the actor and musician. Even the former couple’s two-year-old daughter doesn’t seem to change anything. “He’s just not interested,” the 30-year-old explains. That’s probably why, according to Yeliz, Ochsenknecht now has a tattoo on her arm with her daughter’s name. “It’s childish,” Matthias responds, horrified.

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What’s going on between Yeliz and Paulina Ljubas’ ex?

On Sunday, in a quieter moment in the courtyard, Dilara Kruse, in her direct way, extorted private information from Yeliza Koc. Because she is currently dating Yasin Mohammed and his ex-girlfriend is Paulina Ljubas, Yeliza’s “Big Brother” roommate in the “Celebrity Big Brother” series. The reason for the bad blood? “I watch out for her,” Yeliz admits. She knows the formats in which Paulina took part. Unlike Paulina, Yasin is not looking for drama. “He just loves women,” explain Yeliz Dilara and Manuela Wisbeck, who join them. When Manuela asks if she has feelings for Yasin, Yeliz avoids it. “I like him a lot,” he admits simply.

However, they are not officially together. “At one point he said he didn’t want me to date anyone anymore and neither did he.” Yeliz is currently on Celebrity Big Brother and wants to wait and see what “stories” she hears next.

You were either good or you weren’t good.

Jeliz Koc2023

+++ Updated November 18, 2023 +++

Yeliz Koc is afraid that he misses his daughter

After moving into the container, Yeliz Koc exchanges ideas with Jürgen Milski about her experiences on “Big Brother”. The 29-year-old is worried that she may suffer from being separated from her child, but Jürgen encourages her. Her daughter is in good hands with Yeliz’s mother.

+++ Updated November 16, 2023 +++

On Tuesday, Yeliz Koc was involved in a car accident. The 30-year-old was on her way to Cologne. However, on the way there, the road was slippery and the rear of the car broke off, as she describes: “We were driving very slowly, but the ground was wet, there were leaves everywhere,” says Yeliz. Then it happened: “We spun two or three times, the car went out of control. And then we collided with another car.” She asked her fellow reality star Yasin Mohamed (32) to drive her because she doesn’t have a driving license herself. Fortunately, no one was injured. Therefore, your entry into the “Big Brother” house on the weekend is not at risk.

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Yeliz Koc hates Désirée Nick and Valentina Doronina

It’s official: Yeliz Koc is entering the world of “Celebrity Big Brother”. There, the reality show star will meet, among others, with Peter Klein. Apart from Yeliza Koc and the pop singer, Big Brother has not yet confirmed any other residents. Yeliz explains in advance which two stars the 29-year-old would not be interested in in the eleventh season of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

“The worst is already behind you. Then I know that I don’t have to endure them,” the former “Bachelor” candidate replied at a press conference when asked who she didn’t want to meet during her stay in “Celebrity Big Brother.”

The worst for the reality star are former candidates Désirée Nick and Valentina Doronina. “I wouldn’t get along with Valentina,” the 29-year-old made clear. Valentina stayed in the world of “Celebrity Big Brother” for 14 days in the tenth season at the end of 2022. Artist and cult blasphemer Désirée Nick was there in 2015.

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Yeliz Koc goes on a “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 adventure

Yeliz Koc joins
Yeliz Koc takes part in “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023© SAT.1/Bene Müller

There are whispers about various celebrity names. But only one person knows who is actually taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 2023: Big Brother himself. Now Big Brother has spoken again and officially announced who will be among the new residents at the end of the year: Jeliz Koc.

She brings “a lot of character and humanity to ‘Celebrity Big Brother,'” Yeliz announces, and expects “an unforgettable time full of fun, excitement and new stories.”

I think this year Big Brother went one step better and prepared something truly amazing for us.

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Jeliz Koc

Reality star and successful influencer

The 29-year-old reality star became famous not only thanks to her participation in “The Bachelor” in 2018. Many TV viewers remember Yeliz primarily because of the punch she gave Rosenkavalier in the face. Her relationship with actor and singer Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and their subsequent separation also attracted media attention. The two have a daughter named Snow Elanie.

Yeliz has long been an integral part of the show world. She has participated as a candidate in various other television formats and now she is also a successful influencer. On Instagram alone, her posts and stories are followed by over 600,000 people.

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Yeliz’s expectations for her appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

In “Celebrity Big Brother”, residents are under 24-hour camera surveillance, live in a small space with strangers and have to go without a lot of everyday affairs. Yeliz sees the biggest challenge for herself: “It’s definitely difficult when you reach that special, worst moment that happens to everyone in every format and you don’t even have five minutes to yourself where you can just scream and cry. And normal things like showering and shaving are definitely no longer necessary.” Therefore, Yeliz would like the holiday atmosphere and would like to have a luxury zone every two days.

Who are the remaining residents of “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023?

Yeliz Koc is the second contestant announced by Big Brother after Peter Klein. She lets anything happen to her and is determined to be completely herself. “You better be yourself, everything else will be seen through,” he declares war on his roommates.

Which stars did Big Brother invite to his world? Of course, you’ll find out here as soon as it’s announced.

“Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 starts in November

Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother –– The Late Night Show will air live daily on Saturday 1 and on Joyn from Monday 20 November 2023.

New in “Celebrity Big Brother”: In this year’s season, Big Brother shows the lives of its residents around the clock in a 24-hour live broadcast. “Celebrity Big Brother – 24 Hours Live Broadcast” will be shown as its own channel as a live TV channel on Joyn PLUS+.

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